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Transformer Replacement and Repairs


Maximize Your Transformer Investment: MGM Transformers

Used MGM Transformer, Reconditioned Sell Your Used MGM Transformers
ELSCO is always looking to acquire used MGM transformers to recondition and resell based on its current inventory. If your company has surplus MGM transformers, or are replacing old transformers with new, complete the sell transformer form to receive an offer should ESLCO have a need in its inventory for your model. You could just recoup some of your original investment to put towards other equipment needs.

Buy Reconditioned MGM Transformers
If you have a need to stay with MGM-brand transformers and want good quality and value, consider ELSCO’s reconditioned MGM transformers, which utilize the round coil, disc wound design. ELSCO takes great care in reconditioning used transformers, going beyond what the competition does to ensure that you are buying a good-as-new unit.

What makes ELSCO’s reconditioning process superior? ELSCO uses a proprietary in-depth, eight-step-minimum process that includes deep cleaning, testing, repairing, re-varnishing, and re-testing to guarantee quality and increase the life of the unit. For more information about this process, contact ELSCO.

When you buy reconditioned MGM transformers from ELSCO, you also get:

•  Quality guarantee: All reconditioned MGM transformers come with a one-year warranty to guarantee the quality of the unit.

•  Quick response: All in stock, dry-type transformers can be shipped in less than three hours, 24/7.

•  Experience: ELSCO knows transformers. It has been the company’s sole business for more than 100 years, and key personnel have been with company for an average of 28 years.

New Dry-Type Transformers
Should you only be considering new transformers, or If ELSCO does not have a reconditioned unit to meet your needs, ELSCO recommends round coil, disc wound designs. Learn more about ELSCO’s custom dry-type transformers and their performance.

Request a Quote Today
Whether you are in the market to buy a new or a reconditioned MGM transformer, complete the quotation request form and fax it to (513) 271-0543, or call ELSCO at 800-232-9002 to discuss your options.

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5331 Hetzel Street, Cincinnati, OH 45227

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“We had you repair one of our 1000 kva dry types 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 and you also built a new one for a spare.  We just put the new one in last week and it fit perfectly. Now we’d like to have you repair one more and build us another one.”

R.K., Midwestern Power Company.






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